About Harry Thompson marketing

About Harry Thompson Marketing

Owned and managed by Harry Thompson, a freelance PPC consultant and Google Ads expert with 7+ years experience managing successful campaigns. 


Harry Thompson is a dynamic individual whose journey from freelancer to agency owner embodies the spirit of innovation. With a background deeply rooted in the intricacies of Google Ads, Harry recognised the untapped potential to provide businesses with a more personalised, hands-on and results-driven approach.



The Vision


Harry Thompson Marketing was born from the vision to redefine the landscape of online advertising. As a freelancer, Harry intimately understood the challenges businesses face in navigating the digital realm. Armed with a commitment to simplicity, innovation, and client success, Harry envisioned an agency that transcends conventional boundaries.

Our Approach

What sets us apart? It’s the hands-on experience of Harry translated into our agency’s DNA. We believe in the power of personalised service, leveraging the lessons learned over the past 7 years to create strategies that resonate uniquely with each client. At ‘Harry Thompson Marketing’, we’re not just managing Google Ads; we’re crafting a narrative for your brand in the digital space.

Join Us on the Journey

As a client, you’re not just gaining a Google Ads service; you’re becoming a part of a journey marked by innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, let Harry be your partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of online advertising.

Embark on a digital journey, where our passion meets the agency’s innovation to unlock the full potential of your brand. Welcome to a new era in Google Ads.

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Fair, Affordable Pricing

I hate seeing businesses being ripped off by agencies setting sky-high fees or ‘percentage of spend’ pricing. I offer affordable solutions for SMEs with set monthly fees. No unexpected invoices and no pushy sales. 

Personal Service

Elevate your digital presence with a personalised touch. Beyond traditional Google Ads management, we craft tailored strategies, ensuring your unique business goals are not just met but exceeded. Experience the power of genuine, personalized service that transforms your digital advertising journey into a collaborative and impactful partnership

High-Level Reporting

Uncover the metrics that matter with That PPC Agency. Our high-level reporting transforms raw data into actionable insights, giving you a panoramic view of your Google Ads performance. See the big picture and the finer details, allowing you to make informed decisions that drive tangible results

Redefining Innovation

Revolutionise your approach to Google Ads with That PPC Agency. We’re not following trends; we’re setting them through innovation. We are continuously reviewing data across all accounts and testing new strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Why we're not 'just another PPC agency'

Tired of the ordinary? So are we. Discover why ‘Harry Thompson Marketing’ is not just another Google Ads agency but a transformative force in your online presence.

  • Fair, Affordable Pricing
  • Personal Service
  • High Level Reporting
  • Redefining Innovation

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